Introducing ModHom

We are redefining, reshaping, and reinventing Arizona living for the future

Modular and Affordable

We are a unique and visionary company raising the standards for modular shipping container home design in Arizona.

Perfect for Pop up Shops

Our modular container designs are perfect for both small dwellings and small businesses.

Transportable Pods

We custom design containers for personal dwellings, mobile storefronts, and office spaces.

Manufactured Locally

Our pods are all custom designed and completely manufactured right here in Arizona

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Thank you for your interest in ModHom!  We are just getting started here but look forward to bringing the best modular shipping container based designs for personal, office, or retail based uses from portable systems to semi-permanent dwellings in Arizona.  Please sign up for our newsletter here to learn more about investment and development opportunities with us, and to stay informed when our first models become available for purchase!

Affordable Housing

Container homes provide an extremely cost effective and energy efficient living solution to many people who would otherwise be unable to afford to purchase a home.

Portable Business Outlets

Bring your business directly to where your customers are with a portable storefront or temporary field office or command center with very affordable rates to rent or own.

Cost Effective Communities

Our designs are ready to scale up to create modular housing communities, small business shopping districts, or affordable business offices.