Bard Wars: The Phantom Menace

A Bardlord’s Story

My path to Bardlord began as a filthy casual Chivalry: Medieval Warfare player. I put hundreds of hours in and really enjoyed my time playing Chivalry, but I was by no means very good at it – except for maybe the archery part. As a big fan of this genre with very few games in it I naturally had Mordhau on my wishlist, and picked up a copy as soon as it came out. This is when I discovered a brand new stringed weapon that would make Mordhau the greatest game of all time and change my life forever – the lute.

I quickly learned about Monty’s Lutebot program and how I could use it to play MIDI files on the lute in game. I immediately downloaded the latest version 1.2 at the time and went nuts with it. I began taking song requests on the Steam forums, converting MIDIs, and challenging other bards to musical duels to see whose lute covers were best. It was then that I noticed how much hatred there was towards lute players coming from a tryhard portion of the Mordhau community, who were taking the game way too seriously and directing their malice towards casual players just having fun with a silly feature of the game.

To defend my bard brethren I made up and donned the title of Bardlord, making myself Public Enemy Number 1 to the tryhards.  I faced all of the lute haters in game and on the Steam forums head on with no hesitation. The tryhards attacked me with glee at first, then with frustration, until finally one by one they gave up in exasperation, unable to best the Bardlord and silence my songs or dull my wits. I began preaching a code of battlefield conduct for bards to follow so that teammates would recognize a lute player’s contributions as a support class  in order to help quell the bard TKing epidemic.

A Tale of Two Servers

I created a Steam Guide for The Bards Guild based around the idea of this bard’s code of conduct. The idea was simple enough – by announcing to your Frontline teammates that you follow the Bard’s Guild Code of Battlefield Conduct, you create a standard expectation for your contribution to the victory objectives as a support class and spared your own team’s ire.

A Steam Group and a Discord server followed shortly thereafter.  The Bards Guild has since then greatly improved and formalized its structure, amassed a large collection of MIDIs, supports play with live MIDI controllers, hosts a Mordhau server for guild events, spawned this domain and website, and started expanding into other games with quirky musical tie-ins.

Monty’s release of Lutebot 2.0 was a big deal. Not only did this release add live play capabilities to Lutebot, but it also led me to the discovery of another bard’s guild. Monty had linked his official Lutebot 2.0 post on the Mordhau forums to a Discord support channel on a server named “The Bards Guild”. I naturally stopped in to introduce myself and mention what we were doing over on our Steam group/Discord server, but was met with disregard and no interest to collaborate or discuss further at that time.

I continued on in my own direction with my own Bards Guild activities, giving little further thought to this other Discord server.  Months past by quietly without incident, but a clash between our two guilds was an inevitability…

Learn More about the REAL Bards Guild!

Bards Guild Steam Guide

See where it all started and learn about the Bards Guild Code of Battlefield Conduct here.

Bards Guild Steam Group

Stay up to date with the latest Bards Guild weekly news and events posted here.

Bards Guild Discord Server

Where most guild resources and discussion are found, including thousands of MIDI files!

Bards Guild Mordhau Server

We host a bard friendly Mordhau server running custom maps and Lutemod!

Battle of the Bards

Members of this other Bards Guild recently began hanging out in our public Discord channels, questioning the legitimacy of my title and even my entire guild. They say that their guild was formed before mine, which makes them O.G. and makes my guild illegitimate. They accuse me of stealing their ideas, and insinuate that my guild is just a lesser copy of theirs!  To them I say that obviously, the only way this can be resolved is through a totally epic battle of the bards guilds!

Battle of the Bands!!!

The O.G. Bards Guild


The REAL Bards Guild



The REAL Bards Guild hereby officially declares war on the O.G. Bards Guild in defense of the title of BEST BARDS GUILD!  Both guilds are requested to meet on the field of musical combat beginning the first week of the new year or risk forfeiting claim to the title.  Conditions of bardly combat TBD pending diplomatic negotiations between both guilds’ officers.

Since making up the title of Bardlord, I have always welcomed all challengers who question the validity of my boisterous and ridiculous claims! The O.G. Bards Guild may pre-date my guild, but being the first at something doesn’t also make you the best at it. I say in response to your challenge: Your  ideas are not all that original, and just because you did a thing first doesn’t mean you can stop me from doing a similar thing better. The O.G. Bards Guild is welcome to keep their claim of first bards guild, while I claim the title of the best bards guild for The Real Bards Guild. If you want to claim both titles for the O.G. Bards Guild, you will have to defeat me and my guild on the field of musical combat!

As the magnanimous Bardlord that I am, and given to the holiday spirit at this time of year, I give you until the first week of January to prepare your guild for lute war!  Our officers will be in contact with your officers to discuss terms and conditions of our battle – we are civilized bards after all!

Get your bards ready
for the Epic Lute War of
Year 2020

Bardlord Lutemaster, O.G.