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What is CloudPress?

CloudPress is an all-in-one platform focused on growing and managing your online presence, which is both affordable and easy to learn.  It is used to build and promote websites such as this one!  CloudPress is provided using a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model – which means we handle all server hardware and software configuration, monitoring, and upkeep for you!

CloudPress has many of the same features found in other very expensive internet marketing and business management solutions, but combined in one place and at a mere fraction of their cost.  This is possible because CloudPress is built on top of a framework of open source technologies written and maintained by programmers all over the world, with WordPress at its core.

CloudPress is built to be scalable, modular, and adaptable.


CloudPress is designed to operate efficiently on small and large scales, so you don’t ever have to worry about outgrowing the software or transitioning to a new enterprise solution.  Only pay for the resources you use, and easily expand your services as you grow to need more.


CloudPress can be easily customized to have a different look and feel, with thousands of themes available online, and functionality can be extended with a wide range of existing plugins.  If what you need doesn’t already exist, our NerdMercs community can create it for you!


CloudPress easily integrates with countless third party apps and services through the help of the WordPress ecosystem.  If an integration doesn’t already exist, our NerdMercs community specializes in creating and supporting integration solutions for CloudPress.

"CloudPress turned my business around!"

– John Smith, totally a real customer

"CloudPress is the best thing to happen to my business!"

– Jane Doe, definitely not a fake person

"I love CloudPress!"

– Bob, another real customer

"You shouldn't believe website testimonials"

– Honestly, they are made up

What Does CloudPress Do?


E-Commerce Integration

CloudPress integrates online store and shopping cart functionality directly into your site using WooCommerce, and also provides integration options with Shopify to enable you to sell products and services and securely collect payments online.


Visual Site Builder

Build professional quality web pages with no coding required on CloudPress! With a visual form builder and a visual page editor compatible with most WordPress themes, you can make sleek professional looking pages all from the comfort of an easy to use graphical interface.


SEO & Analytics

Optimize your pages easily for improved search engine placement on your own, without the need to hire an expensive SEO specialist. Perform split tests and view detailed analysis on the performance of your pages to make informed changes that will improve your visitor engagement and conversion rates, increasing your sales.


Marketing Automation

CloudPress is also a complete CRM system integrated with your website! Track your visitors across your site and send them automated targeted email marketing based on their activity and interests. Automatically email your customers with products related to their past purchases for example, or email visitors with abandoned carts a special offer to help close those extra sales.


Community Building

With CloudPress Pro you can run your own private social media network! View member profiles and activity streams, create custom groups, private message other members, or run a complete discussion forum on your own site. With CloudPress, you can mimic many of the features found on other popular social media platforms while maintaining full control and ownership of your personal data.


Project Management

CloudPress comes equipped to help you with managing many other aspects of your business online. Manage teams and projects using built-in shared calendars and task management, with project milestones and progress bars to stay on top of deadlines. Manage your terms and conditions, and send quotes, estimates, and invoices to your clients, then track your financials all from the same platform. CloudPress also functions as a complete helpdesk and knowledgebase solution to help you support your business.


Managed Hosting, Updates, & Backups

With CloudPress you don’t have to figure out any server hardware because we host the entire platform for you. Never worry about operating system, application, or security updates because we will handle them all for you automatically! We also back up all of your data for you daily so your information always stays safe with CloudPress.


...and much more!

CloudPress is built on top of the WordPress content management system, a flexible platform that powers 35% of all websites on the internet today.  Because of this, your CloudPress site can be easily modified using any of the vast library of WordPress plugins and themes available to further expand upon the design and functionality of your site.

CloudPress Pro

Take complete control and unleash the full power of the CloudPress platform.  Includes unrestricted and unlimited access to all features, and endless options to integrate with add-on services, plugins, and themes.

CloudPress LP

All of the core CloudPress features packed into a single landing page.  CloudPress LP lets you take a hands-off worry-free approach and puts your website on autopilot for you, but with fewer integration options.

CloudPress Campaigns

CloudPress Campaigns are marketing automation sequences that can be added to either a CloudPress Pro or CloudPress LP site to increase visitor engagement.

CloudPress Custom Services


Need something special?

The Nerdmercs community develops and supports custom themes, features, and integrations for CloudPress.  If you have a specific need for your CloudPress site, a Nerdmercs Agent can help you make it happen!